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We all know that flat roofs have a reputation for problems. At Roofline PM in Canterbury, we use top quality products to ensure that all our new roofs are weatherproof for many years to come.

Roofline are flat roofing specialists based in Canterbury, Kent who understand that preparation is the key to a long lasting roof. We are meticulous in our methods, ensuring that the products we offer, live up to the manufacturers’ guarantees.

Your job will start with a site survey. We will visit your home and make a thorough assessment of the condition of the roof and will most likely require new decking on 18mm sterling interlocking boards. From there it is a choice of which covering you require.

Our two main types of roofing materials are rubber and fibreglass:

Rubber flat roofing

We use Firestone RubberCover which is an award winning solution and has been crowned roof of the year. It looks fantastic, is durable and is fitted in one sheet. The size of the sheet is cut in advance so that there are no seals and joins. It is Eco friendly, good value and easy to install.

Fibreglass (GRP) flat roofing

We use Cure It GRP Waterproofing System. This is an extremely durable and long-lived roofing system and has been known to last for longer than the official guarantees.

Traditional felt roofing

We also offers the traditional felt covering for flat roofs and all work comes with a guarentee.

Pitched roofs

Natural roof slate tiles have been used since Roman times and have the advantage of an attractive appearance, very durable and can last for many lifetimes. Natural slate can also re-used and you will know that when you use them, you are doing your bit to help the environment too. Roof slate tiles may not be modern but they are one of the best choices for a durable, long lasting and great looking roof.

Pitched roofs come in all sorts of sizes and variations from slate and terracotta to Kent peg tiles. Roofline will order all the materials required including some of the rarer French tiles, although these may take longer to arrive.

The process starts with a site survey. We will look in the loft to assess the condition of the underlying felt and battens and then we will examine the exterior, checking for broken and missing tiles. If these are in poor condition then we will replace everything, ensuring that your roof is watertight and looking good for years to come.

We offer a guarantee on all our work.

Soffits and fascias

We use either Eurocell, Swish or Deeplas uPVC soffits and fascia replacements which are made of UPVC to a high standard and are designed for exceptional longevity.

Fascias and soffits are one of the most durable and long lasting products on the market today. Manufactured from the highest quality Extruded UPVC, our fascias and soffits are resistant to extreme weather conditions. With a UV Resistant finish resulting in no discolouration, our fascias and soffits come complete with a guarantee.

Our fascias are available as a capping to cover solid existing wooden fascias or a full replacement fascia, which fixes directly to your sound roof joists, you may find these or some of these may need replacing. Our soffits come in either a plain board or a vented if required. We can supply a wide range of accessories to compliment our fascia and soffits range, please call us for further information.

After an initial consultation to establish what work needs to be done, fascias, bargeboards and guttering materials will be installed by our experienced team of fitters. All old materials are removed and your home is left clean and tidy.uPVC 

Guttering and downpipes

Our guttering is manufactured from the highest quality UPVC to ensure the greatest resistance to extreme weather and to eliminate discolouration. Manufactured with a high gloss finish, our guttering is available in White, Brown or Black with profiles in Round, Square and Ogee.

The high gloss finish gives our guttering range an attractive look, and compliments our range of fascias and soffits perfectly. All down pipe and associated fittings are stocked in large quantities.

As always, the process starts with an assessment by one of our experienced team. It could be that your guttering system just needs a clean or replacement parts or it might be that replacing all the guttering is required if the majority of it is broken.

We will clean the guttering, removing moss and other obstructions so that the water can flow easily in the desired manner. We will then check all the joints and replace old and broken parts.

If your house uses older imperial measurement guttering, it may be necessary to replace it all as all modern day guttering is made in metric measurements. We will advised you on the best choice to ensure leak free guttering in the future rather than grafting a metric sized element onto an imperial sized system.

We give a 10 year guarantee on all new guttering work undertaken by us.

Roofing repairs

Roofing-Roofline-1 Whatever the condition of your roof, we understand that when it leaks, you want the problem resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. You want peace of mind, to know that the problem is fixed and that the repair will last. We at Roofline have a team of experienced fitters who are used to dealing with a variety of roofing problems and are well qualified to put things right.

The process will start with a thorough inspection by one of our experienced roof fitters to ascertain the scale of the problem, recommend a solution and give you a quote.

If your roof is pitched, we will look in your loft to check the underlying felt and battens. Then we will check the ridge of the roof for any broken, cracked or missing tiles. We will also check the ips and the concrete fixings for wear.

If you have a flat roof, we will check the decking and the condition of the uppermost surface – usually felt. The felt may be old and cracked and need replacing.

All our roof repairs come with a guarantee.

If the roof is in a bad way, we might recommend a new replacement roof both to fix the immediate problem and also to ensure longevity and durability for many years to come.


Evolution Canopy Carports

A high performance canopy system designed for ease of installation.

Applications for the Evolution Canopy system includes:

  • car ports
  • covered seating area
  • covered play areas
  • porches
  • patio canopy
  • caravan cover
  • cycle / smoke shelters.
  • Canopy projection up to 4 meters
  • Maintenance free all aluminium powder coated construction
  • Integral eaves beam / box-gutter with drainage through supporting posts
  • 16mm triple wall poly carbonate glazing as standard in either clear, bronze or opal
  • Bespoke size options available

Roof cleaning

An old roof will accumulate moss and lichen over time. This not only looks unsightly but also dramatically affects the efficiency of your roof. A layer of moss on a roof will absorb rain water and act like a fridge, meaning that the insulation and efficiency of the roof is compromised.

Roofline will check the underlying felt and the battens, replacing them if necessary, reposition the roof tiles, ips and clean off all the moss and lichen using the specialised cleaning equipment picture here.

We will also check for broken and cracked tiles and replace them. Once this process is completed, we will treat the roof with a base primer, an under-coat and a top-coat to seal and protect the tiles. Roof repair, clean and paint is a 3 stage process and dependent upon the weather and the size of the roof, will typically take three days to complete.

We use Britannia Tilecoat which is an advanced coating system that is long lasting, protective and gives a decorative finish. The top-coats come in a range of colours and will make your roof look like new and at a fraction of the price of re-tiling!

  • High quality, water based acrylic coating
  • Long lasting external decorative and protective finish for concrete and fibre cement roof tiles
  • Excellent durability and colour properties
  • Contains algaecide and fungicide

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